Paternity Actions

In our years of practice as a family law attorneys, we have come to understand that paternity issues can be difficult and sensitive for the parties involved. At the same time, a determination regarding the legal parentage of a child can have a massive impact on matters concerning custody, visitation, parenting plans, and child support and is very important in the life of a child. We’re here to help you through the process of establishing the legal paternity of a child. We can also help to disestablish legal paternity. In any event, we come with an approach of compassion and understanding for the challenges you are facing.

You may be in a committed intimate relationship with someone and need to establish your legal status as a parent for your child; you may have a spouse who denies he is the father of your child; or, you may want to disestablish your spouse’s paternity when you know he is not your child’s father. No matter what your situation is, we will fight for the best interests of your child and your rights as the parent.

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