Mediation Services

When parties fail to reach settlement in a family law case, the last resort is to take their issues to trial. However, asking a court to resolve your family disputes may not be the best method of resolution. At trial, you are asking someone who does not know you, the other party, your children, or your circumstances to quickly brush up on your current lives and your shared history and then make the most important of your life decisions for you.

As mediators, we seek to empower families to creatively find their own solutions to their conflict. We facilitate this process by assuming the role of a neutral third party. In this role, we do not determine the outcome or have a stake in it; instead, we guide the process.

Mediation gives parties an opportunity to be heard in a safe environment, to more effectively communicate their own point of view, and to better understand the other’s party’s point of view. We also help parties see how their position might be viewed objectively by a judge or jury. The process of mediation leads to new and creative ways of understanding family law situations and solutions begin to surface that both parties can appreciate. Resolution outside of court becomes possible – one that is collaboratively created by the parties and, therefore, more likely to be sustainable than those imposed by a family law court.

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