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Hi! I’m Amber Bighorse. First of all, I’d like to say thanks for visiting my website and exploring the links. I wanted my first blog to be an introduction, because I’d like for potential clients to know who this person is offering to help with one of life’s most significant challenges.

You may have read on other pages on this site that I hail from Oklahoma. I have a background that includes childhood domestic abuse, homelessness, and varying degrees of life struggles. Like everyone, my experiences in life have shaped me. They have made me wiser, stronger, more determined, more compassionate, and in the long run, they have led to greater happiness than I could have ever imagined as a teenager trying to make it in this world without support, guidance, or resources.

Today, I have a wonderful career and a totally awesome family that includes a supportive and creative partner (who is also an attorney committed to helping those in need), three of my own children, and two incredible stepchildren. We are a modern blended family – we support and love each other, we encourage one another, and have managed to combine our families harmoniously. We have had our share of trial and error and struggle, and our family is not without the occasional bouts of dysfunction. But, we have learned from our collective experiences – from the trials, errors, struggles, pain and everything else – that family is everything. And even when you have experienced great loss through divorce – and the break up of your first family – there can be bigger, brighter, even more satisfying things in store once you’ve made it though that terrible, heart wrenching storm.

I’d like you to meet my partner David and our children.

David Mayo is my partner. We met in law school in 2004. I sat next to him for an entire semester of Contracts Law and didn’t speak more than one word to him. He was very friendly and inquired one day, “Hey, how are you?” I replied with that one word, “Fine.” And we didn’t speak again for nearly two years. In my defense, I was 8 months pregnant with my youngest child at that first encounter so I was in no mood to befriend people while having to endure lessons about contracts. 😉

David and I eventually discovered that we had a shared interest in writing music and playing guitar. He invited me to bring my children over for a playdate with his, and an epic friendship ensued. David is an attorney. He is probably the best attorney I know when it comes to making winning arguments, doing legal research and writing, and forming close, personal, and supportive relationships with clients. He is a great friend to everyone he meets.

In addition to being a Super Lawyer, David is also an artist, musician, Knower of All Things, and political junkie. David is 100% responsible for our children’s introduction to and education of music history. Up top, he poses for a picture with his best friend and legendary rocker Kat Bjelland. (JK – he only wishes Kat was his BFF.)

From left to right: Joseph, Kelli, Jack, and Peyton

Our children range in age from 21 years to 10 years old. Peyton Bighorse is our oldest. She is a punk rocker, along with her stepsister and best friend forever Kelli Mayo. Peyton and Kelli started a band when they were ages 14 and 10, respectively. In 2009, they named their band Skating Polly, wrote several songs, played their first show, and created a two-headed girl as the band mascot. It turns out, the two-headed girl was a perfect representation of this duo because I forget they are two separate people sometimes! I often just referred to them as “Skating Polly!” They’ve been at their music for 6 years now, have release 4 albums, and have toured the world with other rockers. In fact, they are responsible for David’s bucket-list run-in with Kat Bjelland, referenced above. Peyton and Kelli are not only musicians. They are artists, poets, and also the biggest sweethearts I’ve ever known. In addition, Kelli is a budding actress!

Our next oldest, Kurtis Mayo, 19, somehow escapes the usual group photo. But, here he is trying to do his best U2 Album Cover impression at Stonehenge in England.

Kurtis is also a musician. He is an actor and a film maker. Like David, he is a political junkie and a budding Knower of All Things – a veritable encyclopedia of music and filmmaking history. Kurtis just graduated from Oklahoma’s Classen School of Advanced Studies where he majored in drama. His plans are to take the world by storm with his music and filmmaking. He is an expert conversationalist, a kind soul, and an incredible big bro to Joseph and Jack Bighorse.

My son Joseph is 18. He is also an aspiring actor and has a keen political mind. He is the best and brightest gamer in our entire family, and he has an impressive resume that includes co-creating and co-hosting a gaming podcast called Game Night and co-founding the Intergalactic Saber Academy – a business venture that incorporates physical activity, fun, and social connections for Star Wars nerds. Joseph is a gifted sculptor and a Native Youth Leader. He just completed his first internship at Pathkeepers for Indigenous Knowledge – a Virginia-based non-profit that promotes the preservation of Native culture. One of Joseph and Kelli’s favorite pastimes is taking brother-sister selfies:

And finally, our youngest: Jack Bighorse. Jack is 10. His life right now is TV and video games. He is also a practicing basketball prodigy and a part-time comedian.

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